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Pain relief within 15 minutes by using the Infrared Heating Muscle Stimulator, this is the ancient acupuncture knowledge and utilizes the new
technical breakthrough
! The revolution of new Muscle Stimulator is an advanced scientific technology that uses infrared heating and very mild
current to passively exercise muscles. The movements are computerize control, it reach the nerve axons, signaling the muscles to
contract and
relax rhythmically as instructed by the unit. Those stimulated muscles which you cannot normally exercise voluntarily. No needle
stimulation Impulses allow you to train muscles that may normally have little activity. The heating stimulator combines with ancient
massage therapy form. The lightweight design unlike the normal heavy neuromuscular stimulator tens unit. You can relieve muscle
and discomfort anywhere and anytime. It possibly to relieve pain associated with a wide range of conditions, gently assists his/her self
and self healing by balancing the underlying causes of a condition. It will help to strengthen the body's own healing abilities.
Scientific and medical proofs; Electric Muscle Stimulator promotes the power of natural self healing therapy which designed by  the computer
following nerve system
massage therapy concepts that aims to stimulate the nerve points of our body. The research has shown that whoever
blood circulation better, he/she will healthier and more energetic. There are hundreds of big heavy machines or medicines out there charging
you anywhere from $500 to $1000.00 to help you get better. But they forgot to consider the weight or the side effect for someone has physical
problems already! Own a muscle stimulator.
DO IT YOURSELF! For the positive to improves quality of life. Our very unique and exclusive design
Muscle Stimulation Massager will ensure the fullest synergistic
healing power and potency!
Stimulation massage therapy is one of the oldest natural healing theory. An increasing number of research studies show massage reduces
heart rate,
lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, relaxes muscles, improves range of motion and increases
endorphins (enhancing medical treatment). Although therapeutic massage does not increase muscle strength, but it can
stimulate weak, inactive
, thus, partially compensate for the lack of exercise and inactivity resulting from illness or injury. Same as herbal patch. It also able to
hasten and lead to a more complete
recovery from poor circulation area or Injury muscles (and Infrared work excellent for bruises recovering).
  • While  Listening to The Music or Radio
  • While Watching Movies or Television
  • While Using the Computer
  • While Talking to Friends on The Phone
  • Before or After Sleeping
  • After Using The Jacuzzi or Hot Tub
  • Before or After Sports
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The combination of this exclusive formula creates a synergistic effect which is key in supporting and maintaining a healthy circulatory system,
repairing a compromised immune system, and preventing premature aging. Our research has shown that the combination works well with most
people who had poor blood circulation. Your body needs healthy blood flow! Our foot reflexology
Internal Massager (IM-28) and Muscle Stimulator
would help the circulatory system which comprised of a complex system of blood vessels that distribute oxygen from the heart to all parts of the
body. The good blood circulation can be a source of increased vitality, energy and well being. For best long term results, the Muscle Stimulator and
Internal Massager insoles should be used in conjunction with life style changes.
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Care Of Muscle Stimulator:
(1)To extend the life of the Reflex Muscle Stimulator handle it with care and keep it in a dry place as with other devices.
(2)The light on the Muscle Stimulator indicates the machine is generating energy and ready to use. If the time's up, light wouldn't be flashing. Then
simply turn it off and on again. If still no light or flashing. That means need new batteries.
Learn The Secrets Of Pain That associated with
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Stiff Neck, Shoulder Sore, Back Pain, Osteoarthritis, Sciatica, Muscle Cramps, Muscle Strain,
Sore Muscles, Swollen Feet and Ankles, Tendon Achilles, Bunions, Bruises, Muscle Injury, Sports Injuries and Excessive Exercise…etc
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Infrared Heating SNH-6018
Digital SYK-208
Internal Massager ( IM-28 )
Pain is a red warning light on your dashboard telling you that something urgently needs attention. And eventually you don't want to get stuck
with the expensive medical bills or you
don't want to fall in love with medicine, then Infrared Heating Muscle Stimulator is your solution. It is
affordable, absolutely
NO side effects. Powerful features are offering the muscles exercise those similar benefits of acupuncture, cupping,
and scraping but without the discomfort and hassle of the needles. It changes randomly in frequency and duration so skin and muscles
won't become desensitized to the massage. The greatest designs are becoming lighter, smaller and easier to use. It totally different with
the traditional tens unit. You can fully enjoy the
battery-powered massager anywhere you like, even as you work at your computer. It's highly
recommended by  most natural
doctors and therapists. You can easily maintain and sculpt in the comfort of your own home or office.
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our reply e-mail might contain your order shipping details. We don't want to spoil a surprise to someone else!!!
  • Completely safe(battery operate, heat function use with 12V AC/DC adapter)
  • Lightweight and portable for home, office or even on traveling
  • Adhesive pads stimulate any part on your body
  • Relaxes tight muscles before or after sports, or any physical activities
  • Releases stressful aches and pains quickly with the penetrating massage action
  • Eases tension and improve local poor blood circulation
  • Computerized settings for massaging, scraping, and beating...
  • Adjustable speeds and intensity of the oscillation
  • Snap fastener functions let you easier to put adhesive pads on and off
  • Easy to use timer, which can be set to 15-30 minutes intervals
  • A control dial is available to let you set the right amount of massage intensity
  • Easily cleanable and replaceable Adhesive pads
Listen to What People Say: All testimonials are 100% original!
From: Electronic's Store
Sent: October 1, 2009 7:30 PM
Subject: Supernatural Hand SNH-6018 Infrared Heating Massager

I bought a Supernatural Hand SNH-6018 Infrared Heating Massager from you a while ago.  I have used it many
times and find it works very well.

Frank H. from San Francisco, CA
To: info@massagerusa.com
Sent: June 22, 2007 2:37 PM
Subject: Thanks for Infrared Heat Stimulator

I did some research on getting a electrical muscle stimulation therapy tools and this was the best thing on the
market at the time. I'm really pain and bruises. The swelling is taking ages and I'm so fed up! An very very
serious. Thanks for the heat electronic muscle stimulator! It really work for me. The portable design that I
can take it anywhere there might be problems...

Richar B.G. from San Antonio, TX
From: Bosley BD
Sent: Oct 12, 2006 5:17 PM
Subject: Electronic Muscle Stimulator snh-6018

One of the best buys I have made in years. Nice color with slim design. Large screen and easy control buttons.
The track buttons are a wonderful way to operate this unit, and the timer adjusting on screen is unlike my old
electric muscle stimulator. Impulses Power level 6 are good enough to stimulation therapy. The functional
diversity and logical menus work at every level of operation, it gives me all the possible freedom to operate
each function... 10:00PM now! It's time to relax from the long periods of physical work that cause my muscle
pain... I feel like I'm almost in love with this beauty and the beast.

Bosley BD from AZ, USA
From: Linda Amberjill
Sent: Sept 8, 2006 1:27 PM
Subject: Linda Re: I need nature remedy for my muscle pain. Can electro stimulation do it?

Hello Again!
Because I am diabetic and sometimes have seizures. I don't like to take too much pain medication. Just want you
to know that my back pain are gone shortly after using two times of electro stimulation TENS unit. The
discomfort that is associate with sciatica to my legs is gone too. God bless you and the work you are doing!

Linda Amberjill Leeds, UK
To: joe/massagerusa.com
Sent: July 28, 2006 11:23 AM
Subject: can stimulation therapy cure my stiff neck muscle pain quick?

Five star! Compared to other electric muscle stimulator, I admit the 2000 can work better. Can't believe this
little massager so powerful and easily carry out when I play sport, no need have appointment with therapists. I
can get comfort anywhere I want, manipulation features rock!!! Thanks pal!

Taurean from FL, USA
To: support/massagerusa.com
Sent: May 5, 2006 2:13 PM
Subject: rheumatoid arthritis and sore muscle

My name is Han Gui Ng, and I have had rheumatoid arthritis and sore muscles for some days due to an injury
during sports. I used your electronic muscle stimulator as you instructed and within 15 minutes both the pains
are greatly relieved. I like the heat and comfort feeling of on the adhering pads. I also get some other health
benefits such as muscle stimulation therapy on my frozen shoulder too. Thank you very much!

Han Gui Ng from Singapore
You Need To Know: As the muscles re-balance and relaxes, you may feel dexterous or slightly deft. Please try not to challenge yourself to handle
heavy work right away, let the muscle get good rest and let it pass through the natural healing stage. Do not stop the treatment. Eventually, the
results will speak for themselves!
Few Tips For The Beginners: We all know how easy to turn the Muscle Stimulator on/off, but the matter is how to operate it right. The complete
package will come with the brand new original manufacturer assembling, the manual will show you all details of the stimulation points on human
body; just follow the instruction step by step to make yourself become a therapist expert. Extra tips: For maximum conductivity, use a moisturized
paper towel to clean the pads and the contact area. The skin must be bare and clean to get full effect.
Herbal Patch Plus Large Size
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Adhering Pads for SNH-6018
Herbal Patch Plus Regular Size
Adhering Pads for SYK-208
Improve Poor Blood circulation Through
Exclusive design Internal Massager,
Reflexology  Stimulation On Your Own

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Digital Indicator, Computerize Control,
Easy Choice Features on Screen. Very
Lightweight. Wonderful Features Like a

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Infrared Heat SNH-6018 (2 pairs)

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Stimulator SYK-208. (1 pair)

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Pain Relief Through Herbal Patch Plus.
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Patches in 15 independent  Envelopes.
Size For Multi Purpose.

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Receive The Maximum Natural Healing
Benefits. 5 Envelopes with 10 Large Size
Patches in Each Pack. Size Excellent For
Back, Soles & Leg Treatment.

$99.95 (FREE Shipping)
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