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Improve Blood Circulation and Poor Blood Circulation Problem

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Foot Reflexology Internal Massage is an ancient form of acupressure therapy, and involves applying focused pressure to
particular known reflex
points located in the soles, using the same principle as acupuncture theory which corresponds to
certain areas inside the body. This is as simple explanation as we can personally give for work that is far more valuable
than any definition can illustrate. Some of the recognized benefits from receiving
reflexology treatment including improve
blood circulation and stress release. Internal Massager comes with the most important combination of the
physical foot
stimulation constituents; your natural body weight and every steps will make you feel like the human hands performing
acupressure. The foot massager insole is the state of art
acupressure massage concepts development. Scientifically
proven this device is
100% safe, absolutely ZERO negative side effects. Please remember! It’s not necessarily to look as
strong as you can, but to
look good and feel good as well as you can.
Many Health Problems Are Associated With Poor Blood Circulation That You Should Know!
If the oxygenated blood that carries vital life-giving properties can not circulate to all parts of the body. This blood circulation problem could be
much more complicated:
  • Poor circulation can be a result of clots, diminishing blood flow, plaque deposits,
    and fatty deposits along the walls of arteries.
  • Another serious blood circulation problem is Raynaud's disease with symptoms
    that include constriction and spasms of the blood vessels in the fingers, toes, and
    tip of the nose. This disorder generally affects women and is rare.
  • Hypertension, or high blood pressure, results because the blood exerts greater
    pressure against narrowed or rigid blood vessels.
  • Hypertension can lead to more complicated health problems such as strokes, chest
    pains, kidney damage, and heart attacks.
How To Use Internal Massager (IM-28)
  • Place the most convex part of the stimulator insole against the most concave part of the foot and cut
    away the extra part of the insole along the closest dotted line to fit your foot.
  • Walk, with moderate speed, for a minimum of 30 - 45 minute period twice everyday - once in the
    morning and once at night before going to bed. It should be emphasized that for best effect, the
    inside of the sole of your foot should be well stimulated.
  • The result of Internal Massager is directly proportional to the frequency and duration of its usage. So
    the best way to use IM-28 is to simply put it into your shoes and wear it wherever you go.
  • During the early phase of application of IM-28 you may not be used to the feeling, or it may hurt a
    little bit. In such cases, it is advised that your application schedule should become a little more
    flexible to accommodate this.
  • When using IM-28, one may carry on with one's normal activities, but active sports (such as jogging
    and stretch exercise) are encouraged.
  • Pay special attention to your nutritional needs, especially the intake of proteins, fibers, and vitamins.
    Foods like fish, unsaturated meat, fruits, vegetables, and milk are especially recommended.
  • Remember to drink more water, get enough sleep and rest.
The combination of this exclusive formula creates a synergistic effect which is key in supporting and maintaining a healthy circulatory system,
repairing a compromised immune system, and preventing premature aging. Our research has shown that the combination works well with most
people who had poor blood circulation. Your body needs healthy blood flow! Our foot reflexology Internal Massager (IM-28) and
Muscle Stimulator
would help the circulatory system which comprised of a complex system of blood vessels that distribute oxygen from the heart to all parts of the
body. The good blood circulation can be a source of increased vitality, energy and well being. For best long term results, the Muscle Stimulator and
Internal Massager insoles should be used in conjunction with life style changes.
Learn More...
There are hundreds of books, medicines and heavy equipments out there charging you thousands of thousands dollar to tell you how to do
this and how to that. But IM-28 and its’ online exercises program. Even your physical conditions not allow you wearing IM-28 to go out, you
just stay home or office. Same as
GTD. Put the IM-28 into your shoes, wear it and follow the program to DO IT YOURSELF. You still can get
the positive results. And the great news is; our online exercises instructions are absolutely
FREE! They cost you just the time to exercises!
Click on
Chinese tradition medical theory believes that bottoms of the feet are most important like the
second heart
of a human body. They can be seen as a reflected mirror image of our entire body,
and the
reference points or reflex areas in the feet correspond to all the major tissues, organs
glands. Blood flow from this farthest spot and backflow to the heart. And how can we assist this
important pumping station which able to redelivery the oxygenated blood that carries vital
to all parts of the body? Quite simply! Put the Internal Massager(28) into your shoes
before go. Your
every steps will help!  The amazing reflexoloyg insoles can help to increase blood
and metabolism, strengthen immunity ability. Overall it improves the quality of life. If you are
looking forward to be
healthier, more energetic, with this foot Massager will ensure the natural
pressure healing power
and potency!
Dear Friends! Listen To This Very Carefully;
The healthy and comfort Internal Massager is the most natural way to improve your physical
. It might be the best massage tool you have always dreamt of! Special material and the
human engineering concepts design insole, giving you the stimulation acupressure therapy on
own steps. You can be healthier, with energy just in just a few weeks. You will certainly be
enjoying comfort and relax massage! Some of our clients have even reported the sore feet
is gone, and having a loss of the lower back pain too! That's
not magic, because the reflexology
. We are confident that you will be satisfied! Don't wait any longer! Do it now! You can see the
difference within a couple of days.
The following step is going to place order with us, make sure the fill out information is correct. Because
our reply e-mail might contain your order shipping details. We don't want to spoil a surprise to someone else!!!
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Sore Muscles, Swollen Feet and Ankles, Tendon Achilles, Bunions, Bruises, Muscle Injury, Sports Injuries and Excessive Exercise…etc
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