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Stiff neck cause often related to poor back posture, from sitting in one
position all day, tilting the head for a long period or repeatedly. Sitting at a
computer all day usually causes stiffened, bunched shoulders, which lead to
neck problems. Anxieties and stress can often settle in the shoulders and
neck, causing muscular tension and cramping. Being aware of the tension
you carry on your shoulders can make you relax them. Pain related to an
injury is often the result of a pulled muscle or whiplash. Sometimes, a cold
draft or sleeping in a cramped position causes the neck muscles to spasm
severely on one side for a few days. A slipped disk should be investigated,
especially if there is pain, numbness or tingling in the arms or fingers.
Food allergies are often the cause of pain. The chemical reaction to food sensitivity can lead to inflammation or irritation of nerve tissue. Neck
stiffness and headaches are part of generalized aching from the flu, but if they are severe and accompanied by a temperature, nausea, and light
sensitivities, have a professional eliminate meningitis. Neck muscle spasm and tremor are associated with excessive caffeine or sugar intake. This
torticollis or tremor is also caused by mercury excess in the body. Sources may include contaminated seafood and the erosion of the common
dental silver mercury filling.
There are many possible causes of a stiff neck, and without a full examination, No one can possibly determine the
exact cause. But two of the many possible causes of stiff necks - spasmodic torticollis and wryneck.

Constant or recurring stiff neck muscles pain is a common problem today. It is often related to bad posture
combined with tension and stress that is unloaded onto the shoulders. Stiff neck is felt in the muscles, causing
aching, soreness, and stiffness. Tense, stiff muscles are the
stiff neck causes for other complaints, especially
headaches, as well as dizziness and light-headedness. Spasms put pressure on a nerve, causing either over
function or under function, resulting in numbness and tingling in the arms and hands. This can also signal a
prolapsed disk. If the neck is twisted to one side, and is painful and stiff, the condition is called torticollis.
Wryneck; abnormality in which the head is pulled to one side and twisted so that the chin points to the other side. In infants the most common
stiff neck causes include congenital shortening of muscles on one side of the neck, position of the child in the womb, and trauma to the
sternocleidomastoid muscle during birth. In adults, poor posture, pathology of the cervical spine, and inflammation of cervical lymph nodes
may cause it. Spasmodic torticollis is a specific disorder in which the muscles of one side of the neck contract spasmodically; it may be
incapacitating and is difficult to get 100% stiff neck cure.
Very few people require surgery to relieve neck pain. Most of the orthopaedist like to recommend a
rehabilitation program that includes an exercise program and various types of physical therapy to help
you relieve your stiff neck muscle pain. What is the best natural therapy for stiff neck remedy?

Chronic neck pain is treated depends on what the diagnosis reveals. However, most people are
treated successfully with rest, medication, immobilization, physical therapy, exercise, activity
modifications or a combination of these methods. Stimulation therapy can help to reduce pain and
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